Dynamics of Machines Lab

Prof. Goutam Laha

Faculty In-Charge Dynamics of Machine Lab

Mobile: +91-9831703144

Email Id: goutam.laha@msit.edu.in

Mr. Bibhas Bhandari

Lab In-charge Dynamics of Machine Lab

Mobile: +91-9593482801

Email Id: bibhas.bhandari@msit.edu.in

Dynamics of Machines is defined as the branch of science, which deals with the study of force & moment generated at different parts of a machine having relative motion among them.

This lab helps students to get a physical understanding of the analyzing the spring-mass-damper system, governors, gyroscope and reciprocating mass balancing.


Analysis of Equivalent Spring-Mass- System on Universal Vibration Machine

Analysis of Gyroscope

Analysis of Governor

Motion study of Cam with Roller Follower

Study of Torsional Vibration of Double Rotor System

Study of Reciprocating Mass Balance