The training program on β€œA Mechatronics Course on Arduino Hardware & Software Fundamentals for Beginners” is a part of a comprehensive approach to train students as a professional mechanical engineer. Such approach was proposed by ASME-MSIT Student Chapter members, and has been approved by the HOD, Department of Mechanical Engineering,MSIT.It was a completely online course arranged and coordinated by a group of members of ASME-MSIT student chapters under the the program of β€œE-GYAAN”. The objective of this program is to enhance the multidisciplinary knowledge and employment enhancement of the Mechanical Engineering students.

The main objective of the training program is to introduce the concepts of automation and electronics hardware microcontroller to achieve these tasks. AUTODESK TINKERCAD online simulation environment was used to make the hardware circuit using Arduino UNO and microcontroller programming. Arduino programming and corresponding circuits to cater few mechanical engineering problem solutions with the use of sensors and actuators have been demonstrated. Parallel training on theoretical introductory lectures on sensors, motors, electronic components and simulation of the same is done so that students do not get bored. Finally, project ideas have been discussed in the field of mechatronics based on this 2-week learning course.

The expected outcome of this course is to make students confident in mechatronics work. Modern automations are replacing many mechanical devices and mechanisms , therefore it is very important to cope up with these technological changes in the field of mechanical engineering. Mechatronics is definitely one of the areas of learning to adapt with these new technologies. Not only that one’s innovative mind can solve problems in the field of engineering by implementing the knowledge of automation hardware one gathered in this course. This is definitely increasing the employability of the mechanical engineering students with few projects done in undergraduate level in mechatronics.

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