Material Testing & Solid Mechanics Lab

Anirban Bose

Faculty Incharge Material Testing Lab

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Koushik Halder

Lab Incharge Material Testing Lab

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Jayanta Sarkar

Lab Incharge Solid Mechanics Lab

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Material Testing Lab at MSIT was established in the beginning of year 2004 with an objective to provide precise, accurate & reliable testing for research & educational purpose. Now this lab is also providing services to its customers in the field Mechanical Testing.

We work closely with our clients to provide them with a variety of testing options for metals and alloys, polymers, ceramics, composites, refractories, concrete, hard goods and toys, textiles, among other things. These exams are performed under the supervision of our highly qualified and experienced personnel. We guarantee our valued customers' dependability and reasonable rates.

Prof. Anirban Bose is an expert in the field of testing and quality assurance with over 15 years of experience. He gives technical advice and uses his extensive understanding of industry trends and advancements to improve customer experience.

Test Setup

  1. UTM with Computer Interface

  2. Impact Test Setup

  3. Fatigue Test Setup

  4. Bending Test Setup

  5. Hardness Test Setup

  6. Erichsen Cupping Test Setup

  7. Torsion Test Setup

  8. Muffle Furnace

  9. Jominy End Quench Test Setup

  10. Dye Penetration Test Equipments

  11. Magnetic Particle Test Equipments

  12. Disc Polishing Machine

  13. Metallographic Microscope with Image Processing Software

Current Projects

  1. Heat Treatment, Phase Analysis & Mechanical Characterization of ferrous & non ferrous alloys

  2. Mechanical Characterization of Polymer Composite

  3. Metallographic Study of Microchannel on a Cutting Tool

  4. NonDestructive Testing on Forged Product, Cast Product & Welding Joints

Material Testing : Lecture Videos

Impact Tests

Bending Test

Hardness Test

Tensile Test, Torsion Test, Compression Test

Stress Strain Plot in Excel

Fatigue S-N curve plot in Excel

Fatigue failure

Fracture Mechanics

Image Gallery

Fracture Surface of Charpy Impact Test

Rockwell Standard Sample

Fracture Surface of Brittle Sample

Fatigue Fracture Surface

Polished Sample

Microstructure of 0.4% C Steel at 400X Magnifica


Crack Initiation during Erichsen Cupping Test

Steel Sample after austenizing at 900 degree centigrade

Typical Ductile Fracture