3D modeling using solidworks


The training program on Basics of Solidworks & 3d Modelling and Assembly of Mechanical Devices is a part of a comprehensive approach to train students as a professional mechanical engineer. Such approach was proposed by Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, MSIT and has been approved by the Director, MSIT and Technical Committee of the TIG. Infrastructural support and funding are arranged and the program is implemented for the domain knowledge and employment enhancement of the Mechanical Engineering students of Meghnad Saha Institute of Technology.

The main objective of the training program is to introduce Solidworks as a 3D modelling software. Solidworks sketch, 3d modelling & assembly is introduced and practiced to draw the various Mechanical devices. Sheet generation from 3d model & animation of assembly is done so that students do not get bored in a long class.

The expected result of the training program is to enhance the knowledge of drawing and design of the complex engineering problems using Solidworks software. This is definitely increasing the employability of the mechanical engineering students as Solidworks Software is extensively used now a days to solve the engineering problems in industry all over the world.

Training Modules

The training consisted of the following Modules:

Solidworks Training Modules:

1. Introduction of solidworks and detail application of sketch & editing tools

2. Basics of 3D Modelling & property manager

3. 3D modelling of all parts of Knuckle Joint

4. 3D modelling of all parts of Stuffing Box

5. 3D modelling of all parts of Plummer Block

6. 3D Assembly of Knuckle Joint, Stuffing Box & Plummer Block using various

types of Pairing

7. Drawing Sheet generation from Assembly Drawing including Dimension &

Section. Animation of 3D Part Assemblies