Fluid Mechanics &

Hydraulic Machines Lab

Avisek Tunga

Faculty In-charge Fluid Mechanics Lab

Mobile: +91-8013093371

Email Id: avisek.tunga@msit.edu.in

Jayanta Sarkar

Lab In-charge Hydraulic Machines Lab

Mobile: +91-94337 30011

Email Id: jayanta.sarkar@msit.edu.in

Kallol Patra

Lab Incharge Fluid Mechanics Lab

Mobile: +91-8013754431

Email Id: kallol.patra@msit.edu.in

Fluid Mechanics Lab at MSIT was established in the beginning of year 2004 with an objective to provide real time testing of fluid phenomena for research & educational purpose. Now this lab is also providing services to its customers in the field Fluid Testing.

We work closely with our clients to provide them with a variety of testing options for open channel flow, impulse turbine. These exams are performed under the supervision of our highly qualified and experienced personnel. We guarantee our valued customers' dependability and reasonable rates.

Prof. Avisek Tunga is an expert in the field of testing and quality assurance with over 10 years of experience. He gives technical advice and uses his extensive understanding of industry trends and advancements to improve customer experience.

Test Setup

  1. Flume Test Setup

  2. Venturimeter Test Setup

  3. Orifice-meter Test Setup

  4. V notch Test Setup

  5. Cavitation Test Setup

  6. Centrifugal Pump in Series & Parallel Test Setup

  7. Minor Loss Test Setup

  8. Performance Characteristics of Centrifugal Pump Test Setup

  9. Pelton Turbine Test Setup

  10. Pipe Friction Test Setup

  11. Reynold's Experiment Test Setup

  12. Verification of Stoke's law

  13. Verification of Bernoulli's Theorem

  14. Performance Characteristics of Reciprocating Pump Test Setup

  15. Hydraulic Coefficient Test Setup for Cd, Cv, Cc of Orifice

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