Heat Transfer Lab

Heat Transfer Laboratory in Mechanical Engineering Department of MSIT was established in the year 2015 with an objective to measure the rate of heat transfer in sloid, liquid & gaseous medium for research & educational purpose.

The sole purpose of this laboratory is to make our students expert in dealing with the temperature & heat flow measuring techniques and also to make them able to measure the rate of heat transfer for various fluid flow domains like- flow through a channel, heat exchangers, flow through a pipe, flow through a cylindrical shell, heat transfer through composite walls, radiation heat transfer, heat conduction & convection for a fin, parallel & counter flow heat exchange.

The students learn to implement the Fourier's law, the Stefen-Bolzman law, the Newton's law of cooling for the purpose of evaluating the rate of heat transfer.

Prof. DIBAKAR GHOSH is an expert in the field of testing, calibration & estimation of heat transfer in various fluid flow & applied Thermodynamics with over 12 years of experience. He supervised a number of mini-projects and B.Tech projects in the field of heat transfer & fluid flow.

Various Modes of Heat Transfer

All 3 modes of Heat Transfer

Mechanism of Heat Transfer in Flat Plate Solar Air Collectors

Conversion of Solar (PV) Energy into Heat (Thermal) Energy using Flat-Plate Solar Collector

Heat Transfer along with fluid flow through Steam-Turbine Blades

Heat Transfer during mixing of a cold fluid & a hot fluid

YouTube Video Links of the Experimentations:

Heat Transfer Lab : Instruction Sheets

Thermal Conductivity of metal rod.pdf
Emissivity test.pdf
Forced Convection over heated plate.pdf